Muscatine Arboretum & County Home Cemetery

Muscatine Arboretum

The Muscatine Arboretum can be described as a “living tree museum”. This 13-acre feature in Discovery Park showcases a variety of native and ornamental trees and shrubs. The arboretum also offers demonstration gardens with hostas and ornamental grasses. In addition it surrounds a reconstructed prairie wetland.

The Muscatine Arboretum is maintained by the Muscatine Arboretum Association. For more information contact Dave Tometich, President (563) 299-4013 or Charles Rickey (563) 260-5807.

Muscatine County Home Cemetery

A historic feature of Discovery Park is the Muscatine County Home Cemetery. From 1907 until 1965 more than 157 people were interred in the cemetery. Many were residents of the Muscatine County Farm, later called the Muscatine County Home, and later still renamed Muscatine Residential Services. However, records searches have determined that some of those buried in the County Home Cemetery were indigent, poor or simply unidentified.

Copies of the burial registry can be viewed at Musser Public Library in Muscatine or at the Environmental Learning Center in Discovery Park. For more information contact Lynn McCleary (563) 264-1495.